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Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today (13th of March) is when my blog was born. 2 years ago, I decided to start a blog to share me writing with you all. Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, I began blogging

My first post (Insta – Crunch) was a really wacky recipe I made on ramen. My writing style hadn’t really developed then, but hey, it’s got a special place in my heart.

Then came the craziness – Poems about the sea, Fantasy picnics, Mojito Recipes, Stories about monkeys, and then my elation when I discovered a fellow blogger had nominated my for a blogging award! (well now I am to lazy to do most of my tags so yeh)

But anyways, It’s been 2 crazy years with this crazy blog, meeting amazing people across the globe, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, as what’s a blogger without readers!

So here’s to more posts (as I will be going to the next grade in like 2 weeks, so StUDieS!),

Here’s to meeting more awesomesauce people

Here’s to my blog

Happy 2nd Birthday, Avu’s Dreams!

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A Fried Cell Phone

It was a pleasant day on the beach. My cousin and I convinced our parents to let us go alone on the beach, and they allowed us, on the condition that I took my cell phone. I gave the Nokia to my Cuz, as I had no pockets.

Soon enough, we were trying to dig a hole to Australia, when our parents came down to the beach. We were to go and play in the sea!

We ran into the water and had fun, splashing around in 3 feet or so seawater.

After 10 minutes of horseplay, we decided to come out. We didn’t want to catch a cold.

While wading out, my cousin felt something in his pocket. He reached in and found a very wet, very dead cell phone. We fried it in the ocean.

After getting chewed up by our parents, we had a new mission: revive the phone

After 15 minutes of hair drying the phone, we switched it on.

It worked!!!!

I guess it’s true that it is impossible to kill a Nokia phone…

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Pee – U !

Based on a true story

I was at a party, wearing a brand-new outfit. Us kids were horsing around. The host of the party had tortoises, and naturally we were playing with them. We had a ton of fun, feeding them food, watching them plod on to the water tub, and feeding them.

But something really unfortunate happened. Me, a hyperactive eight-year-old, was not handling them nicely, so they got scared. And when a person gets scared, they tend to lose control of the urinary bladder.

I was giggling, when I felt something warm and wet on my shirt. I looked down to see that the tortoise head peed on me! The poor tortoise almost got chucked across the room.

As I set the tortoise down (not so gently), the whole room burst with laughter. Meanwhile, the tortoise plodded to his friend, looking rather pleased with himself

5 years have gone bye, and I have still never heard the end of it.


Hi Dreamers!

why do i keep going on hiatuses? i need to take out more time for this wonderful blog!

I will come back next time (i hope)

well then, i’ll see you next week or smth?

i have really no clue whats going on rn but meh


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Revived . . . (and few haikus)


i have been gone loooooooong rt?

(well when high school starts thats gonna happen hmm?)

so yea, school started and exams too, so i didn’t find time to come back here ;(

plus i might go back cuz hmmmmm more exams

anyhoo, I’m writing some haikus today on (drumroll)



Tiny and speedy
Fluttering across flowers
Pretty hummingbirds

Razor sharp talons,
Eagles are magnifique
with their golden beaks

With little sweet chirps
they hop around and glide, those
brown little sparrows

That’s it for today!

See y’all next sunday!

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Q and A!

Hey Guys!

I decided to do a Q and A with y’all

Flood the comments section with questions, and I’ll try to answer them all in a new post!


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Hey guys!

today I shall give my laptop to Sid. She, well, will control the blog page and type whatever she wishes to. I don’t care what she types (as long it’s not embarrassing)….

Over to you, Sid!

(P.S. She will design the featured image too ~ )

EylO ME has possessed tis laptop muhahahaha. Oh and by ME i mean sid. hi.

Hello- avunators? Avu what’s your fandom name again?

It’s Dreamers. I start with that most of the times.

Ofc. I knew that all along 😀

Yeah RIGHT 🙄🤨

Ehe.. Well.. where were we? I was thinking about what to type. Here’s a very *cough* random poem both of us wrote.

Blah Blah blACKsheep why’d you run away?
Isn’t your home nice enough to stay?
‘That’s not the reason’ blACKsheep said
Well, then does your master give you a very rough bed?
‘NoNoNo!’ the sheep cried
Well, then does the dame want you fried?
‘Aghhhhh no’ the sheep yelled (why would she want fried sheep anyway)
Well, does the little boy down the lane
ride you like his personal train?
‘Uhmm none what you assume is right’
Well, did you escape after chewing up the little boy’s kite?
‘For god’s sake’ the sheep went on, ‘stop taunting me you fool!’
Then did the dame, master and little boy refuse your precious wool?
Fed up of my questions, the sheep answered at last
‘Cause of annoying poems written on me, I ran away… fast’
My mouth was left open as I stared at the sheep
Who jumped over the hedge and ran away with its 4 feet…

LeSsOn LeArnT: dON’t taunt A s H e e p Like that.

Anyhoo (totally not copying avu) Sid shall be signing off now.

(P.S. small announcement, hope you dont mind avu but Happy 1 year blogiversary to Musings of a curious mind! I shall be posting soon ON MAH BLOG. ofc. so Yikes not me promoting my blog here byeeeeeeeeee)

ALRIGHT Sid’s off, so imma go too

BTW, Have you ever wondered why the keyboard letters are so jumbled up?
If you have a reason, tell me in the comments!


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The Gift

This it the story of young Marty
Who had a completely normal birthday party
Well, almost normal, that is - 
Because of the runaway gift

When Marty went to open it
The gift threw a fit
It screamed and ran around
Then suddenly, it was nowhere to be found!

Marty saw it hiding under the bed
"AaAaAhhhH, Save me!" it said,
Then ran right into town!

People for so confused when they saw a running gift
After all, it's not everyday you see something so swift
After a long chase, it climbed a tower
A good thing too, because Marty had no power

Marty said "Gift, don't run away,
With you I want to play"
The gift screeched - "I am NOT playing with some
boy who want to have fun.
In Fact, I'd rather throw a party
then to be friends with YOU, Marty!"

Marty said  - That's it
You are coming home with me, NO THROWING FITS!
As Marty advanced on the cheeky gift,
It cried out in terror! AaAaAaAAaAahhHh!
And jumped of the building

Well, That was how Marty had an unusual day

I had the inspo when I played a game with my friend and Sid. Sid was a gift, and, well, she jumped off a building!

Sid also helped me come up with a bit of the storyline

anyhoo, that’s it for today!


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The Sunshine Blogger Award 

Heylo dreamers!

Yay, another tag! this post is gonna go in my dusty tag drafts thing what am i typing

ehe 😅 ignore that.

First up, when Sid nominated me for this tag, the first sentence that came into my mind were –

“Sunshine, Daisies, Butter mellow,

Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow”

(yea i’m a potterhead)

Soooooo – Let’s get started!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog

1. When you read the word ‘love,’ what’s the first song that comes to mind?

‘Count on me’ By Bruno Mars, I just love the way it says – I’m there for you!

2. What were your favorite TV shows to watch when you were little?

Hmmm – Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go! and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

3. What’s a color you recently started to love?

Purple. i used to hate it before but now ~

4. Tea or coffee? What’s your usual tea or coffee order?

COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE! I usually love a mocha/frappe

5. Do you prefer writing or typing?

Writing. It’s just satisfactory.

6. How long have you been blogging?

15 months

7. If you could add to or change one thing about your bedroom, what changes would you make?


8. What are your favorite games right now?

Among Us, Krunker io, and Crossy Roads

9. Do you prefer succulents or flowers?

Flowers. But I’m allergic to them (Pollen)

10. What’s the last thing you ate?

Dinner – Tamarind rice, MaNgO!

11. What’s in your purse/bag/backpack? (pick one lol, you don’t have to tell me about all of those)

Some coins, Lip Balm and my dead cell phone (i fried it in the ocean…. long story don’t ask)

The questions stay the same

Welp, That’s it for today!

Oh right I forgot to nominate bloggers

(Ehhh I’m to lazy)


OK, Bye!