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A Fried Cell Phone

It was a pleasant day on the beach. My cousin and I convinced our parents to let us go alone on the beach, and they allowed us, on the condition that I took my cell phone. I gave the Nokia to my Cuz, as I had no pockets.

Soon enough, we were trying to dig a hole to Australia, when our parents came down to the beach. We were to go and play in the sea!

We ran into the water and had fun, splashing around in 3 feet or so seawater.

After 10 minutes of horseplay, we decided to come out. We didn’t want to catch a cold.

While wading out, my cousin felt something in his pocket. He reached in and found a very wet, very dead cell phone. We fried it in the ocean.

After getting chewed up by our parents, we had a new mission: revive the phone

After 15 minutes of hair drying the phone, we switched it on.

It worked!!!!

I guess itโ€™s true that it is impossible to kill a Nokia phoneโ€ฆ



Haiiiii !!! I am Avu, A teenage daydreamer and a disney fan :3

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